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Photo book: Belfast Punk (Warzone Centre 97' - 2003)

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Published by 'Damiani'

Author - Ricky Adam

“The book documents a small window in time; one in which the alternative ethos of the punk scene became a liberating space for many coming of age in the shadow of Northern Ireland's violent past” ID magazine, March 2017

“Ricky Adam documented the grassroots punk scene of the Warzone collective in late 90s Belfast – complete with spiked hair, impromptu naps and confused kids” The Guardian, February 2017

Printed by Grafiche Damiani - Faenza Group SpA, Italy

176 pages

Hard Cover

Printed on heavyweight matt art paper

Dimensions: W: 225mm x H: 300mm

ISBN-10: 8862085109
ISBN-13: 978-8862085106

First printing Feb. 2017

The photographs in this book were taken in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland in a punk D.I.Y. space known as the ‘Warzone
Centre’ between 1997 - 2003.

After opening in 1984, the ‘Warzone Centre’ became the counter-cultural alternative hub for the greater Belfast area and beyond. It soon became infamous as being one of the most credible venues in Europe for D.I.Y. punk.

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